In the throes of thesis – An Art and the Book update

Making paper!

Making paper!

– Jennaway Pearson, Art and the Book MA candidate

Officially in the throes of thesis!  My project consists of 80 unbound sheets of paper, is going to be an edition of two (possibly 3,) and I have decided to make all of the paper myself. That is roughly 250 sheets (some room for error.)  This past week was Spring Break here at the Corcoran, so the ideal time to get this wrapped up.  Our paper studio at school is not totally equipped for this kind of production work so I hitched a ride with a fellow grad student and with Georgia Deal (Book and Printmaking professor) to Floyd, VA, to Gibby Waitzki’s studio. Gibby’s website is

Lots of snow and ice when we arrived (did I say Spring Break? Wait, yup, I did.) Her studio is, well, sort of a dream. She has tons of space and equipment, lots of natural light in a beautiful setting, and lots of other artists dropping in to lend a hand or offer up advice.  It was also really nice to get work done in a new space- it made the time truly seem like a vacation.  Of course- it was not all work, we ate amazing meals had a glass or two of wine, and slept in; the perfect balance of work and play. Over a day and a half I was able to churn out 215 sheets of white cotton rag paper- combined with the 50 I had made previously in DC- I was ready to go.

The papermakers: Gibby, Georgia, Myself and Whitney

The papermakers: Gibby, Georgia, Myself and Whitney


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