An exercise in perspective: An ode to model building

– Erin Kentch, Exhibition Design MA student


To: Erin:

From the first moment I laid eyes on you at the art store, I could tell you were “the one.”  I saw you from down the aisle, searching in vain for the one material you needed the most.  You were with a friend, and I could see the weight of the world carried in your eyes, and the stress heavy on your shoulders.  Your friend, like all good friends, lightened your burden and helped you to see the funny in the world.  You approached with a much needed smile on your face, and when our eyes meet, a sense of recognition and joy played across your features.  I could tell that you too recognized me as “the one.”

Our journey home was long and fraught with danger.  You forgot me at school, but I forgave you.  I know I’m quiet and easy to forget.  But you came back; and when we finally made it home, our work began and your stress melted away.  You remembered that this is why you love design.  Bringing to life your ideas and showing not only yourself, but others, the potential in your ideas and the story that’s waiting to be told.  You and I help the world to SEE the myriad visions swirling around in your head.  You give me purpose, an otherwise inanimate object, and a voice that speaks to the world.  In return, I give you catharsis, clarity, and an escape from the stresses in your life.  Our work may be done for now, but I look forward to the next time we meet and the stories we’ll tell.

From: your recently purchased Foam Core

Note: The author recognizes that foam core does not have human faculties, and would like to stress that her foam core does not talk to her.  😉


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