Private Moon America

-Caroline Lacey, New Media Photojournalism-

If this looks terribly romantic and wonderfully poetic, that’s because it is. This is the tale of a man who met the moon and never left its side. The man is Leonid Tishkov, a Moscow born artist who has been working on this Private Moon Project for over ten years; traveling with the moon all over the world to places like Russia, France, China, Taiwan, the Arctic and now America. Tishkov, despite being advised by numerous friends that he could achieve this look in photoshop, insists on the material and embodied poeticism that the 5-foot hand made moon brings.

This was the project’s first trip to America and it landed right here in D.C.. The Corcoran’s New Media Photojournalism Students were asked to help Tishkov by assisting on shoots and documenting the process using on only our iPhones. There were late nights with the monuments and early 4:30 a.m. calls to Baltimore’s National Aquarium. Whether the moon was packed up in the back seat of the station wagon or hanging with the sharks, it was a delicious and comforting company.

Check out the gallery of photos below and search #PrivateMoonAmerican on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for more

And see NMPJ student Colby Waller’s timelapse of the moons first night on the mall:


One response to “Private Moon America

  1. We were so happy to welcome this project to the Aquarium! It’s an honor to be a part of such an amazing collection of photographs!

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