Inspiration Everywhere

-Jordan Kennedy, Current New Media Photojournalism student

IMG_1322 One of my favorite parts of grad school is the inspiration that lies amongst the people who surround me daily. What an incredible pleasure to leave a room inspired, not only by the content of the lecture but by the work you observed from your peers.

When I came into my program, I completely suffered from a crisis of self. “How am I here?” “What am I doing with all these other people who are so talented?” “What is the intersection of subject and circumstance?!” (A question posed shortly after the commencement of our first semester)

I asked these questions and many more as I navigated my way. I think that’s a completely normal part of the journey, ya know? Figuring out if and where you belong….

What began as intimidation turned into inspiration as I observed with wide eyes the talent surrounding myself in each class. What a beautiful thing to walk away, knowing that one day I’ll be able to say “I sat next to that incredible photographer when we were just grad students.”IMG_0298

Use this time to be a sponge. Yes, remarkable things can be gained from the teachers around us. But don’t pull a veil over your eyes that would prohibit the inherit beauty sitting next to you to shine through. I leave class every week with my mind busting at the seams with ideas and possibilities about what could become and I owe that to the amazing people I sit next to week after week.


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