Exhilarated, Captivated, and Dedicated to Art

—Arnold Thomas Bigger, Art Education

For me, being a Corcoran College of Art + Design Graduate Student is like finally getting to sit at the grown-up’s table for Thanksgiving because events like the Graduate Open House give me a chance to share my Corcoran experience with others.

What’s that you say, you were so busy with the Corcoran Community Day, enjoying a free breakfast, 3D printing demonstrations, printmaking and ceramic bowl making workshops, and shopping for DC area arts and crafts at the Community Art Fair, that you didn’t know about all of the Graduate Open House events going on at both the Georgetown and the Downtown campuses? Well, let me tell you what you missed…

The Georgetown Graduate Open House began at 10:00 A.M. with information sessions for Art and the Book, Art Education, Exhibition Design, Interior Design, and new Media Photojournalism programs. Shuttle transports began at 11:00 A.M. to transport folks between the Georgetown and the Downtown campus.

Meanwhile in Gallery 31, I was stationed at the Art Education table surrounded by my fellow Graduate Student Ambassadors; Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions, Student Accounts, and Continuing Education representatives; breakfast treats, and coffee.

Wait, I haven’t gotten to the grown-up’s table part yet.

Wait, I haven’t gotten to the grown-up’s table part yet.

I manned my post, answering questions, giving directions, and noshing breakfast treats until 12:15 P.M. when I was relieved by Pamela Lawton, Associate Professor of Art Education and Director of Education Studies, so that I could take my place on the Graduate Student Panel.

The Graduate Student Panel was hosted by Casey Smith, Assistant Professor of Arts and Humanities, with thoughtful questions and his signature clever, well-timed humor. Here comes the grown-up’s table part. The Graduate Student Panel gave me an opportunity to share with an intimate audience of prospective students why I chose the Corcoran College of Art + Design—I enjoy learning new ways to communicate and I like the size of the student body because my high school graduating class was 101 people; why I do not believe that there is any such thing as a typical day at the Corcoran—I told you about that in my first blog (did you miss that too?); and how the opportunities for learning, networking, and growth at the Corcoran are not limited to the DC area because of technology, Corcoran faculty, and Corcoran Study Away Programs. Now that I am at the grown-up’s table, I want everyone who is interested in learning at the Corcoran to be as excited about the Corcoran as I am: exhilarated, captivated and dedicated to art.

Questions…Comments…Concerns? arnold_bigger@gwu.edu


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