Cosmo Couture 2013 – A Bird’s Eye View into Fashion and Design

– Amanda Ripley, current Interior Design MA student

Corcoran Sketch for Cosmo CoutureFor the second year in a row, a team of Interior Design graduate and undergraduate students from the Corcoran participated in the Washington Metro City Center of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Cosmo Couture event. Cosmo Couture promotes a direct collaboration between local Architecture and Interior Design firms and their manufacturing partners in the Washington DC area, to create garments reflecting a given theme. Each year a local architecture company and an interior design firm work together as a team to create avant garde pieces made of design materials such as tile, rubber, leather, and rope. The Corcoran is the only college team lead by students among the twenty-five architecture and interior design firm teams.


photo courtesy of R. Scott Kelly

The design teams created pieces for the event inspired by the exotic birds at the National Zoo. Each design team was encouraged to explore the bird’s appearance, role in the ecosystem, their habits, and their behavior. The Corcoran’s bird inspiration is the Hooded Merganser from North America. The team was inspired by the bird’s body shape and adaptability to any environment. They sought to highlight the prominent features of the Hooded Merganser. The dress concept focuses on the bird’s wings and hood. The garment has dramatic textured wings, a retractable hooded focal point, and a sleek swimwear inspired body suit.

The Artisphere in Arlington hosted the Cosmo Couture 2013 runway show and the Corcoran team is assembling this year’s garments into an exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. This exhibit will be open to the public starting on November 20th and close December 7th.

Come to the Corcoran Gallery and feast your eyes upon beautifully crafted garments inspired by nature. You get a glimpse of what D.C. professional architecture and interior design firms as well as our very own Corcoran students have to offer in this vibrant and creative arts filled community.


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