Thesis and the Biltmore

– Maizie Clarke, MA Exhibition Design student

This past weekend, a friend and I traveled down to Asheville, North Carolina to visit the Biltmore Estate, a house built over 100 years ago by American royalty, George Vanderbilt. This trip has been something we’ve both wanted to do for years and it so happened that it came to fruition at the end of my fall semester, which was devoted to research for my thesis. If you remember from my previous posting, my thesis centers around adding exhibition space to historic house museums to create a more dynamic and successful visitor experience; needless to say, walking through the Biltmore, the country’s largest historic house museum, my mind was racing with solutions for making the Biltmore experience more dynamic, interesting and exciting for visitors. On our journey back I sketched and talked my friend’s ear off on about ways to better the experience, though my formal research is done, I am still learning and absorbing all I can about historic house museums and the role they serve for visitors. Luckily my friend and I are still talking despite my boring him with facts and figures about historic house museums!

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