New Semester, New Classes

This past week started my final semester at the Corcoran. I’m thrilled: not because of graduation but because of the awesome classes I’m taking. In addition to my studio time each week working with my classmates and advisors on Thesis, I’m also taking Lighting for Exhibitions and Mountmaking. Last semester was great, but I’m so excited about the hands on experience I’ll be getting this term. In lighting, we’re learning from the lighting designer from the National Portrait Gallery and for Mountmaking, we’re learning from one of the best in the field, learning how to use brass and other materials to create custom mounts for objects. My calendar is already filling up with field trips and deadlines for projects as this train is barreling towards graduation. For my Mountmaking class, we were tasked with choosing objects from our house that we could use as “artifacts” for our mountmaking. These artifacts will serve as our final projects and most likely showpieces in any future living room or on a bookcase. After careful consideration, I have chosen a piece of the Berlin wall as well as this little horse from my grandmother’s house. I’m looking forward to getting started!



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