What’s Next?


Even though I am in the midst of thesis work, I can’t help but think about what I will be doing in two months. In a day, I will be off to Providence, RI, to visit studios and find a place to live. BUT I am not committing to anything just yet because in keeping with my mantra, I am staying open to new opportunities.  New opportunities can be just around the corner if you look for them.

Since I started grad school, I’ve met people who finished and then ended up working in an office building doing something they dislike and not at all what they went to graduate school for. I left my previous career in order to change my situation, and to pursue my passion—book arts. So now I find that while I am working on thesis, I am also looking for the next step.  Residencies, fellowships, scholarships—anything that relates to book arts—I am applying for it. The applications for these can be intense and time consuming. Writing letters of interest and attempting to sell my best qualities and skills, adjusting the size of each image to different specifications for each application, writing detailed project descriptions—these are necessary and the time commitment will pay off in the end. For now, it is a matter of balancing my thesis work, looking for opportunity, and making it happen.


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