Artist Heather O’Hara Visits the Art and the Book Students





Heather O’Hara of Plunger Press stopped by Studio 110 today to share her experiences in book arts with the students in the Studio I class. (Studio I is a collaborative class focusing on creating a large scale artists’ book.) Heather spoke about Plunger Press and the artists she works with when creating. The artists that contribute to Plunger Press vary, and are not necessarily under the same roof. Heather explained that each artist contributes what they can once they decide on a topic. The content, focusing on politics and the politics of consuming, is charged and serious but presented in a tongue and cheek manner. Heather utilizes screen printing, wood printing, and inkjet printing in her work. Please visit to see more work by Plunger Press.  Here is a sampling of the work she shared with us today.


Travel Safety Kit:







Morally Upright Poster’s:




White Picket Fences:






Friendly Dictator Sticker Set:



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