In the studio with Andrew Castrucci of Bullet Space



Andrew Castrucci of Bullet Space stopped by Studio 110 during the final week of classes. An instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Castrucci shared two of his collaborative projects with the Art and the Book students. Your House Is Mine and Fracktured Lives (not yet completed) are both large-scale collaborative artists’ books that focus on social issues.

Your House Is Mine
1989 / 1991 Bulletspace
19.5′ x 24.5′
16 pounds
40 pages, 11 double-sided, 29 posters on Mohawk vellum paper, editioned and signed by each contributing artist, silkscreen, lithograph, spray-paint, collage, two vellum end sheets, wood covers cased in lead, with a bolt binding.
Edition of 150.

From Booklyn’s website:

The book stands alone as a veritable history of the 1980’s and 90’s Lower East Side activist art movement centering on housing, economic, healthcare, gay and lesbian and other civil rights. But it also is a document of an impressive and provocative public art project featuring some of the most well known artists of that movement and the American art world of that time. Each of the 29 posters was printed in an edition of approximately 300, half formed the book and the others were posted in the neighborhood. These posters catalyzed and sometimes escalated the intensity of the dialog around the ongoing issues of gentrification, conservation, urban development and social justice that is the bedrock of the Lower East Side experience. And beyond that culturally the posters represent another 20th Century movement where artists combined innovative materials, design and aesthetics with radical and populist politics that had a great impact on the art world of New York and beyond

“This project is a collection of images and texts, defining and expressing the broad and essential issue of housing on the Lower East Side, and is a statement of the underlying force of ‘art as a means of resistance’. It is both a documentation and expression of social/political issues in our neighborhood, and on a larger scale to symbolize similar conflicts in other parts of the world.”

It has been part of various exhibitions including: The New Museum, NYC and Exit Art, NYC.


photo (1)

Andrew explaining Your House Is Mine


photo (2)

Fracktured Lives is Andrew’s current collaborative project and has not been released yet. He told us it would be a much smaller edition. Like Your House Is Mine, it will focus on social issues, in this case fracking (hence the title).

For more information about Andrew please visit his website:

For more information about Bullet Space please visit:

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